Being an independent artist doesn't mean you have to do it alone.

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Discover more with AWAL Insights.

Think of AWAL Insights as your very own data scientist in your pocket. We crunch the numbers and find the most important things that you need to know — from showing you the cities you’re outperforming in, to benchmarking against your peers, and so much more.


  • “Tracking the streaming impact of any new development in an Artist campaign is an essential part of our work, but very difficult to do in real time. Until now we’ve had to pull data from many sources to be able to know where our streams are coming from, what caused them, and how much income is likely to be generated. The AWAL App brings all this information to the palm of our hands and has been our daily monitoring tool ever since, a real game changer.”

    Jimmy Mikaoui MD at Marathon Artists
  • “The AWAL App is an important asset for us. As mobile and apps increasingly become the way in which fans discover and consume music, it’s vital for us as a management company that we can access indicators and insights on any platform, at any time.”

    Stephen O’Reilly Head of Marketing, IE Music
  • “The AWAL App is great because it gives me a quick overview of how my artists’ music is performing, on the go. Transparency is a big word and gets thrown around a lot, but AWAL truly delivers this.”

    Oskar Ekman Year0001
  • “As an independent artist, it’s so important for me to understand who and where my fans are and what songs they’re feeling, so I can better connect with them. It helps me see where’s best to perform and what songs to perform. I get to see some dope facts on the AWAL App, like when I saw that my listeners are 50/50 male and female, which is amazing because I never thought men would like the empowering female songs I make.”

    Ray BLK Artist
  • “Transparency is probably the single biggest issue the industry faces, and to that end, the AWAL App is a game changer for creators and their teams. Being able to pull up demographics, analytics, playlist inclusions, and crucially, income data in realtime is fundamental to a modern progressive, and open industry.”

    Ric Salmon ATC Management
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Get the most out of streaming with AWAL.

Streaming has created more opportunities for independent artists than ever before. But to get the most out of it, you need more than just distribution. You need a real partner. Meet AWAL, Kobalt’s alternative to the traditional music label. 

AWAL is about quality, not quantity.

We’re selective about which artists we accept, which means once you’re on the team, we’re in it together. It’s also one of the reasons we’re able to support you so well on Spotify, Apple Music and all the key platforms, because they know our roster is curated.

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